Why Hiring a Public Adjuster is the Right Choice

When it comes to filing an insurance claim, many individuals and businesses find themselves in need of help. Whether it's because they don't have much experience with the process or because they believe the amount offered by the insurance company is incorrect, they turn to public adjusters for assistance. Public adjusters are professionals who specialize in filing and negotiating claims for damage caused by floods, fires, smoke, wind, hurricanes, and other hazards. Hiring a public adjuster can be especially beneficial if you've had bad experiences with claims in the past.

Unlike insurance company adjusters, who work for the insurance company and not for you, public adjusters are independent and have no conflict of interest. They prioritize paying your claim and will use their experience and education to help you get a bigger deal. When it comes to natural disasters like fires, earthquakes, floods, winter storms, or hurricanes, it's important to know your rights and obligations as an insured policyholder. One of those rights is the possibility of hiring a public adjuster to advocate on your behalf.

But how do you know when you need to hire a professional? A public adjuster can help you read your policy, explain it in simple terms, organize the process, and document your losses and needs. They can also be especially helpful if you have a large or complicated claim or if you're having trouble negotiating a reasonable settlement with the insurance company. It's important to research your state's regulations to find out if there are limits to the amount a public adjuster can charge. Many people may not understand what a public adjuster is or what they do. But insurance agencies generally understand the desire to hire an additional advocate and are professionally responsive when hiring a public adjuster.

It's essential to check references and agree on rates and terms before entering into a contract with a public adjuster. The solution to getting a fair and accurate home insurance claim payment may be to hire a public insurance adjuster. Unlike insurance company appraisers, who do not charge the policyholder anything additional, public appraisers are independent and charge between 10 and 20% of their settlement for their services. If you have a small, simple insurance claim, it may not be worth paying to use a public insurance adjuster. A public appraiser will be responsible for communicating directly with the insurance company on your behalf and will act as an intermediary to avoid time-consuming calls and contacts. They will evaluate the damage to your property, help determine the extent of the repairs, and evaluate the replacement value of those repairs.

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