What is the purpose of the adjuster and how does it work?

The role of the appraiser The appraiser works for the insurance company that pays the claim. They will review what happened and estimate the payment of the claims. The adjuster can inspect the damage, check police reports, talk to witnesses, or request more information when reviewing your claim. Appraisers estimate the cost or value of an insured item.

Most are auto damage evaluators, inspect damaged vehicles and estimate the cost of repairs. Appraisers inspect damaged real estate and cars to determine how much the insurance company must pay for the loss. They gather evidence and report it to examiners. Adjusters negotiate with the policyholder to arrive at the final amount of their claim payment.

While insurance claim adjusters, in the broadest sense, work with claims related to health, life, property and auto insurance, medical claims adjusters are a distinct subgroup that focuses on health insurance claims. While there are regulatory exemptions for offices with fewer than ten employees that can manually file claims, few, if any, claim adjusters use this path and have access to sophisticated claims adjustment software for help. Some states allow claims adjusters who work for large companies to work under the company's license, while other states require that all adjusters have an individual license to practice.

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