What is the purpose of a public adjuster?

A public appraiser is an independent insurance professional that a policyholder can hire to help resolve an insurance claim on their behalf. Some homeowners may choose to hire a public appraiser to help them through the claim process. A public insurance adjuster is an independent professional who acts on behalf of the policyholder. Like a claims adjuster, a public appraiser will evaluate the damage to your property, help determine the extent of the repairs, and evaluate the replacement value of those repairs.

If the public adjuster questions the damage or how much it might cost to repair them, they may decide to go to a contractor for a second opinion. The other way to find a public insurance adjuster is to get a recommendation from friends or family. These expert public insurance adjusters know the tricks, tactics and strategies that insurance companies use to reduce claims. To avoid hassles and potential mistakes, many business owners and homeowners hire public appraisers to handle their insurance claims.

If you choose to do so, your public appraiser will act as a liaison so you never have to talk to a representative or negotiate yourself. A public adjuster is a state-licensed insurance professional who specializes in managing all aspects of an insurance claim on behalf of the policyholder (claimant or insured). Some homeowners choose to hire a public claims adjuster if they have had bad experiences with claims in the past. A public insurance adjuster is someone who is hired to represent the financial interests of the person or entity that is insured by the policy.

If a disparity in the agreement is found, the public adjuster can reopen, renegotiate, or provide guidance on the next best path to achieving a fair and favorable agreement for the insured. The NAPIA Board of Directors lists all public adjustment firms that must have a license in their state of operation. In this law, the NAIC defines a public adjuster as any person who, in exchange for some form of compensation and on behalf of the insured, acts or assists in the negotiation or settlement of first-party claims covered by an insurance contract. The goal of the public insurance adjuster is to navigate each stage of the claim process and to advocate for the best interests of the insured.

Some highly experienced public insurance adjusters have extensive experience in many or all categories of disaster and loss claims. Or anyone who, in exchange for some form of compensation and working on behalf of another public adjuster, is responsible for adjusting losses, advising an insured person, or investigating first-party claims in an insurance contract. Nearly all good public appraisers are not only state-licensed, but they also have years of experience working in the highly complex insurance industry.

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