Is public adjuster a good job?

The work is flexible and pleasant, and a common aspect of this path is that the pay is excellent. In fact, independent adjusters typically generate high six-figure incomes, while they often work only part of the year. Some claims adjusters work as public appraisers. Often, they are hired by claimants who prefer not to rely on the insurance company's appraiser.

The goal of adjusters who work for insurance companies is to save as much money as possible for the company. The goal of a public appraiser working for a claimant is to have the claimant paid as much as possible. They are paid a percentage of the settled claim. In general, claims adjusters will always be in demand.

Despite the decline in the sector and the limited jobs available each year. An insurance adjuster is believed to be one of the few secure jobs that can guarantee a stable, reliable income and a strong career. So, if you're looking for a job that will keep you busy, this is a career path that's definitely worth considering. In general, the amount independent claims adjusters earn depends on the insurance adjuster companies they work with and the value of the claim.

For example, the claims adjuster will receive 60 or 70% of the total fee, while the remaining 30 — 40% will go to the insurance adjustment company they work with.

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