Where Do Claims Adjusters Make the Most Money?

When it comes to the world of claims adjusters, there are two main types: staff adjusters and independent adjusters. Staff adjusters are employed by an insurance company, while independent adjusters are independent contractors who work for adjustment firms. Generally speaking, independent adjusters make more money than staff adjusters, sometimes significantly more. Independent adjusters typically receive a fee for their services, and the amount of that fee is usually split between the adjuster and the adjustment firm.

The adjuster will usually get 60-70% of the fee, while the remaining 30-40% goes to the adjustment company. In order to be successful in this field, public appraisers should strive to develop their active listening, teamwork, responsibility, reliability, leadership, motivation, flexibility, patience and empathy skills. These skills are essential when it comes to communication and cooperation in a variety of circumstances. The amount of money that independent claims adjusters make depends on the adjustment firm they work with and the value of the claim.

In general, the higher the value of the claim, the more money an independent claims adjuster can make.

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