How do you become a public adjuster in florida?

The court found that, since the public appraiser had a contract with the policyholder, he could not qualify as a “disinterested appraiser.” As mentioned above, there are fees that must be paid during the process of obtaining a public appraiser's license. The Florida Department of Financial Services oversees the licensing process and has specific guidelines for obtaining a Florida public appraiser license. A public adjuster can also act on behalf of or help an insured person negotiate the resolution of a claim. While a public appraiser can also be an appraiser, they cannot hold both positions for the same case in Florida.

After years in the position of public appraiser, you'll be well-versed in the appraisal process, documenting claims, managing insurance claims, and negotiating to reach a settlement. A public appraiser is defined as any person, except an attorney, who prepares, completes, or submits an insurance claim form for an insured person or a third person in exchange for a price (money, commission, or anything of value).

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