How Much Do Public Adjusters Charge in California?

It is generally accepted that public adjusters in California charge between 10% and 20% of the total settlement of an insurance claim, depending on the size of the claim. On average, public adjusters in Southern California can resolve claims at a minimum rate of 17% better than if the policyholder were to handle the claim on their own. This information is based on case studies in which victims, after their insurance companies offered them settlements, called our office for referrals to do their work. Knowing that they couldn't restore their property for the amount offered by their insurance companies, we advised the services of professional public adjusters.

The final result was sometimes two or three times higher than the original offer. The worst-case scenario yielded a 17% higher return than if the customer had processed the claim himself. Public adjusters are professionals who intervene in times of emergency, acting as a kind of intermediary between the insurance company and the policyholder who suffered the loss. Policyholders should be aware that they are claiming the right amount and hiring a public adjuster can help guarantee this.

Unlike insurance company appraisers, who do not charge the policyholder anything additional, public adjusters are independent and charge between 10 and 20% of their settlement for their services. If you're not happy with your insurance company's final offer, you can tell your public adjuster to keep pushing for a higher deal. Any insurance company may refuse to negotiate with a public adjuster or refuse to pay the agreement desired by the policyholder. Individuals and businesses hire public insurance adjusters when they need help filing a claim or believe that the claim amount offered by an insurance company is incorrect.

In addition to property damage, public adjusters can also help businesses with commercial insurance damages and claims. Always remember to settle a fee and a form of payment with your public adjuster before entering into any agreement. The policyholder is responsible for hiring the public adjuster to help ensure the best possible claim resolution for your case. Whether you simply don't have time to work through the slow payment process or if you think your insurance company has offered you less than you're owed, it's a good idea to hire the paid services of a professional public adjuster. Don't get it wrong, a good and ethical public adjuster can be a beneficial ally after a loss of property under certain circumstances.

If you want to know how to file an insurance claim or need help managing the insurance claim process, talk to Allclaims Pro Public Adjusting. At least one study suggests that claims are often resolved with more money when it comes to a public adjuster. Most public adjusters will charge between 5 and 15%, and this may decrease if the amount of money paid to the claimant increases. Many public adjusters don't charge a fee to visit the site of the loss and determine if they will work with the policyholder on a case. While the vast majority of public adjusters are honest and competent in their work, it's still very important to be aware of potential scams.

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