What is a Public Adjuster and How Can They Help You?

A public adjuster is an independent insurance professional that a policyholder can hire to help resolve an insurance claim on their behalf. Unlike other claims adjusters, public adjusters are not loyal to insurance companies, but instead work directly for the policyholder. This means that they are dedicated to ensuring that the policyholder receives the maximum amount of money they are entitled to from their insurance company. Public adjusters are licensed insurance professionals who manage the entire insurance claim process from start to finish.

They can file and negotiate claims for damage caused by floods, fires, smoke, wind and hurricanes, as well as for damage due to other hazards. In addition, public adjusters evaluate the loss of property on behalf of the policyholder and help the policyholder file insurance claims in exchange for a fee. Generally, a public adjuster will charge a percentage of what the policyholder's insurance company ultimately pays for a claim. This fee can range from 5% to 20%, depending on the amount of work involved and the complexity of the claim.

However, many public adjusters don't charge a fee to visit the site of the loss and determine if they will work with the policyholder on a case. Having a public adjuster on your side can be incredibly beneficial when filing an insurance claim. They can help you read your policy, explain it in simple terms, organize the process, and document your losses and needs. They can also help you reopen a claim and file a supplemental claim for additional payments with your insurer.

In fact, according to one report, those who used public adjusters for non-catastrophic claims received settlements that were 584% higher than those who did not use them. This is why it is important to make sure you hire a reputable public adjuster who is a member of your state's trade association and has codes of ethics.

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